Mandy’s Farm is a nonprofit organization that assists individuals with Developmental Disabilities to achieve goals by structuring a positive, purposeful and caring environment for living, learning, and working in the community.

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About The Artist

Ben Shaw and The Archetype Dermigraphic Studio

Albuquerque artist Ben Shaw and his colleagues Dave Briggs and Aldo Gallegos work in multiple media, with a focus on body art, murals and other graphic formats. Ben is the president of the Ethical Tattoo association of New Mexico which promotes licensing standards for the state 500 licensed tattoo artists. “ Archetype Dermigraphic Studio is all about promoting a high ethical standard and sense of community and brotherhood for those who are in the tattoo industry for the right reasons. Not only a tattoo studio, but a place for artists of all mediums to glean knowledge from one another and to inspire each other to branch out and tap into new veins of thought. Art is for sharing, not only imagery, but reaches to the gut and root of human experience. We invite those who love ar. Whether you produce it, like to look at it, or want to wear it, Archetype is the place where it all intersects.”

Archetype Dermigraphic Studio

Reader Interactions


  1. I truly believe that everyone in this world deserves to have a chance to be something, or have a dream in life, and that includes people with disabilities. I hope they get that chance to do just that.

  2. Mandy’s Farm is the most loving, welcoming and encouraging environment for individuals of all abilities. A loving, peaceful environment and gentle, patient, and supportive staff are changing lives for the better everyday. Thank You, Mandy’s Farm!

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