When Haley Paternoster was going through a Youth Court program after running into some problems a few years ago, she got the sense that she wanted to help. So she and her dad, local restaurant owner Steve Paternoster, founded a nonprofit organization called Youth Matters.
Since Haley’s death from a heroin overdose in 2010, Steve has decided to raise money though the organization to help Youth Court programs and to start a scholarship fund for young people who are struggling in life.

To donate: Send checks to Youth Matters c/o Scalo Northern Italian Grill, 3500 Central SE Albuquerque, NM 87106


About The Artist

Todd Hebenstreit

Todd Hebenstreit is a well know local graffiti artist who works under the tag PathsOne. He is a frequent participant in national graffiti competitions and currently lives in San Francisco. His work is influenced by the vernacular of urban graffiti and tagging.

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  1. I’m retired from working with kids at risk , after 30 years. I miss it ! What kind of work happens in this program. I’ m in Cali.

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